iPatrol Mo: Green Shots

Last year, I was so bored I wanted to get out-of-town, and get some shots on my way to nowhere. Kaso, I chose not to because everything was really hot that my head easily heats up. So, to solve this problem, I isolated myself and ventured into the journey of the biotic arena – the focus of the lens.

And so, I took shots of my surroundings. I hope you’ll like the captions. Patrolling from the depths of the miniature world, this experience is so once-in-a-lifetime-and-will-always-be  Later, after one year, I decided to publish it online. The reason: everything in life is just waiting to be appreciated. Be optimistic. For there will come a point in time that election hot spots will be able to attain the security it needed before, today, and never in the future; for there will be one point in history that would story-tell new beginnings – of Filipino unity, peace, and prosperity. For there will be one concerned patroller who would be able to present new thoughts, and not just mere rants on upcoming elections; for there is always another side of everything.

What goes up, goes down. Here, the photo signifies that life clings on another life. All lives go in circles and somehow these intersect. What we might not know, is that we all live in such a small world. Who knows, you and I might have someone in common.

An almost-believable scene of a route to a familiar cave, but the reddish tint of the gate (& my honest captions) have hindered the revelation of its semiotics.

These pointy defensive structures represent a mother's care for her young. This plant wants to protect her fruits from the hands of gatherers/ collectors. Nature has its own ways of mimicking the human world.

How amazing it is to look up above and see this highly captivating, soul-boosting scenery of peace and tranquility. And who wouldn't enjoy feeling the fresh damp of the air on your face, once you go out of your home.

We can always compare this to one person or group of people who had taken control of and managed to spend public money in front of the crowd. How ruthless this root has become, depriving other organisms of the nutrients everybody would have taken advantage of.

I wish I could reach the sky above, so that it would be easy to go there - grasp a plane, rocket, kite and take me somewhere up, and when I'm there, I'll be able to look down and see different images of life. And even in my dreams I long for this.

Although the paleness of the image shows you it's no big deal, think again, 'cause being trapped on these spikes would really hurt!! Ouch!

This image conveys the vices of fraud and corruption, I don't understand why but maybe the government can relate to this. 😉

Let’s not hurry and pressure ourselves on what we can’t attain now for it really takes time to achieve who or what we want to become. We cannot just wish for our desires/ wants to appear and for our problems to evaporate instantly without working hard for it.  Instead, it is better that we enjoy the delight of life and always do something new interesting for life continues as long as we are alive. There should be no time-wasting because life is an opportunity to grow a soul. B)

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Notice how it forms the Philippine archipelago. Or is it just me trying to establish creative output?

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