New Life Granted: When Ateneans Become Vendors

Someone reading this article which I saw today might find it really weird and funny to see royal blues in an environment which was not exposed to them, by actually becoming real vendors, baggers, parking attendants, among others, for three consecutive weeks of four-hours shift. These junior college students took the Junior Engagement Program, linked to their Philosophy classes. The gist is that they are advised not to drive their cars but to use public transportation. Sounds hard huh, but as the article explains further, they are actually enjoying what they’re doing.

This activity may have been life-changing for them, but compared to the duration these masa do in the streets, it’s just nothing but for impression. Although this initiative helps build connection between the rich and the poor, it will not greatly affect the widening gap between them. These young minds have their own lives. And, after three weeks of hardly working for their A’s, they’ll return back to their own lavish lifestyle. Soon, these realizations would only resemble a small mark in their social well-being. I wonder what will happen if the program gets an extension for providing good intentions and promoting community development. The involved say it seems fast. Probably they’re right, a span of three weeks is not even a 100th of the time spent by most of the Filipino masa.

Well, it’s a good thing there are some people who try to imbibe on students the significance of education. Through this program, we can proudly present the people’s humble jobs to the world. We show outside that what they do is and will always be a significant role in society, because it’s in this way that they will realize how challenging life is for most Filipinos.

P.S. I would like to suggest that a program which tackles the corporate world be introduced to the masses. It will be life-changing for them too. And, I think it will harness a more inspiring view by giving them the hope that they can still be who they want to become by striving not just harder, but hardest. In the end, it will always be about who can and who will.


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