There is More to Gain

After having such a slow day yesterday, I found this day to be unusual. I lost something because of my carelessness and stupidity. Yeah, sometimes we become stupid. Accept it, ’cause if not, it should have been scrapped off the dictionary in the first place. We people assign names on meanings which we think will be of use to us.

THE BIG THING. I spammed posts of my writing service in an online forum, which I recently joined last Saturday. I did not notice that I was doing such an intolerable breach until the admin sent a lot of infraction points in my e-mail. This brought me a shocking 6-months ban of the account.

Reminiscing a few days back, the moment I registered the forum, I joined a logo making contest (actually a lot). I entered at least 26 logos (see Logo-rhythmic Day) and found out that 2 of the clients really like my logo designs. I was going to win!

But, when this thought of being banned came in, I almost got down on my knees. What a loss! I was almost near to winning  it and claiming a lucky 125$ cash prize. 😦 As the night walked in, I realized that it is time to move on and forget about it. In the first place, I did not intend to win. It was all for pure fun. I had to think on the bright side, or maybe not.

Even if I lost that certain chance to grab an incentive for producing a wonderful design, I know that there’s more to gain than lose. I know that I can make more good-looking logos and professional ones. More than this, I know that I’ve got greater edge over everyone else, discovering the fact that I have the passion to do things which I really love to do. I possess the patience and the eagerness to wait for feed backs for hours from the contest makers. Above all, I have the will to achieve things which would make me happy. I can make things possible as long as I believe in myself.

A chance really means a lot, but a lot would mean nothing if you don’t lose sometimes. Somehow, I recognized the importance of following rules. Rules set the standard. The standard will always be accepted by the majority, and you have no control of it.  Other than this, it’s more of being professional and accepting the pros and cons of every choice you make.


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