The Point of Voting

Just recently, the Interpol has been asked to help in finding Senator Panfilo Lacson, accused of masterminding the November 2000 massacre of Salvador Dacer, former president Ramos’ publicist, and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito. On January 5, Lacson left for Hongkong expecting an arrest ordered by a local court, although police officer Espinota said that they could not find him and would not exclude the possibility that he is still in the Philippines.

Copies of the arrest warrant have already been presented in Lacson’s ancestral and local residence. Moreover, copies were also passed on different regional offices of the investigation division. Three teams are now on the lookout for him across the metro.

The Philippine media believes that Dacer was killed because of what he knows regarding the alleged misgovernment during the Estrada administration.

Now that the truth is beginning to show up, how many more wrongdoings would the Filipinos know in 5-years time? 10 years-time? 20-years time? When will the country be confident of the leadership that’s being practiced at present? How many years will it take for us to realize these recurring incidents of bribery, corruption and human repression? When will we all be aware that their decisions are getting us nowhere with these kinds of leaders? When?

Express yourself. Make a change. It’s not the colonizers who suffered the greatest damage after winning back our freedom. It’s us who propel the sinking nation to a deeper, violent sea.

We are our country’s people.  It’s never too late, they say, but there is no right word to explain how late we are. There is no right superlative to express my deepest dismay. I am a student who thinks there’s more to give out than just being one reserved, dormant nation.

Be the difference. Vote in the upcoming elections. Don’t waste this chance and wait for the next generation to carry this stagnant legacy. We should not wait for others to do the move.

Let us not wait for nothing.

After all, we are susceptible to the shame that the country will get because of the leaders we trust (who become performers of an inconsistent, unreliable, popular band) or maybe because of the leaders who soon get their thrones after paying huge amounts of bribe for their votes, and take their oath in front of the Filipino people. After all, we hunger for prosperity, the thing which we will really deserve once we realize that we can do better than yesterday.

It’s not just about having high quality education. It’s not just about whoever is more popular or whoever is filthy rich. In the end, it’s about who will grant them the power to lead. It is about us (not just the elite nor the masses) – the people who crave for betterment in this society.


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  1. Jun Ditona Said:

    People, everywhere in this world deserve the kind of leaders and government that they have. We Filipinos, are no exception to this rule.

    The moment we allow our sacred freedom to vote to be manipulated by politicians who are much too willing to pay the price just to get what they want from us, then we should live without complaints, the kind of governance these corrupt and inept leaders will give us. After all we are partly to blame for their ascension to their much desired positions.

    But if we chose to value our right to suffrage and learn to choose intelligently who our future leaders should be (as this blog suggests), then, it follows that we the peole are the ones instrumental in establishing a government with sanity, competence and delicadeza.

    Sitting on the gutter and damming to our hearts contents for all the scandals and misgovernance, not to mentions the haul of skeletons hidden inside the closets of the most hallowed chambers of this government, while not actually doing anything to contribute towards the betterment of our sorry state, won’t do us any good.

    This blogger’s correct in calling for the participation of every Filipino if we want to lift ourselves from this morass we are in now.

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