Logo-rhythmic Day

It’s funny how this day showed me the real length of time. The whole day long, I felt excited practicing my newly invested career – website logo making. Of course, I know how to use Photoshop CS4, but honestly I’m no good, self-reliant user. Somehow, I managed to create 26 newbie-yet-satisfying website logos (actually 23 were original, 3 were re-edited).

Yes, 26! Imagine how much patience I have inputted just to reach this personal milestone. The prizes controlled my hunger for winning. I want to get the prize that the company put at stake. I’ve never won any contest my whole crazy life.

I got stuck in time trying to break out from the hypnotizing rhythm of this want – to make one cool, competitive logo. It’s a reason I want to celebrate. These little things I soon discover as I age; they’re priceless. Experience is priceless.

It’s really amazing for the fact that some of the clients actually found my humble logos interesting! One wanted my design, and she told me I might just win. Still, I am not expecting to win it. It’s surprising how I begin to realize where my superb willingness leads me. It’s really taking me so far!

I admit sometimes I find myself penniless. And solving this financial crisis is a common problem for people of the less developed world.  In these competitions, my passion and spirit are still not enough to bring down the competitors. It’s not that easy, but practice will lessen the unease.

The hardest part to accept, however, is when you lost to someone you underestimated and forgot to do academically related stuffs. It’s a Saturday! Well, I’m trying to do both.

See you later!


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