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The Last Checkmate I Ever Made When Boredom Hit

Here are a few photos from my chess play last Octor 19, 2009:

Level of Difficulty: 8/10 (Having a computer fight against you at a difficulty level of 10 is unstoppable. The enemy knows every move to make! Killing spree!)

Time of Play: 1:05 PM

During times like this, I always try to be a fair player. Not this time, haha!

Watch the ladies rule! The King's last pawn has nowhere to go.

Stalemate? No, it's actually my turn (WHITE's) to propose the final act. Ciao king! Last blood!

I decided not to upload music here ’cause of dawdling internet speed!


New Life Granted: When Ateneans Become Vendors

Someone reading this article which I saw today might find it really weird and funny to see royal blues in an environment which was not exposed to them, by actually becoming real vendors, baggers, parking attendants, among others, for three consecutive weeks of four-hours shift. These junior college students took the Junior Engagement Program, linked to their Philosophy classes. The gist is that they are advised not to drive their cars but to use public transportation. Sounds hard huh, but as the article explains further, they are actually enjoying what they’re doing.

This activity may have been life-changing for them, but compared to the duration these masa do in the streets, it’s just nothing but for impression. Although this initiative helps build connection between the rich and the poor, it will not greatly affect the widening gap between them. These young minds have their own lives. And, after three weeks of hardly working for their A’s, they’ll return back to their own lavish lifestyle. Soon, these realizations would only resemble a small mark in their social well-being. I wonder what will happen if the program gets an extension for providing good intentions and promoting community development. The involved say it seems fast. Probably they’re right, a span of three weeks is not even a 100th of the time spent by most of the Filipino masa.

Well, it’s a good thing there are some people who try to imbibe on students the significance of education. Through this program, we can proudly present the people’s humble jobs to the world. We show outside that what they do is and will always be a significant role in society, because it’s in this way that they will realize how challenging life is for most Filipinos.

P.S. I would like to suggest that a program which tackles the corporate world be introduced to the masses. It will be life-changing for them too. And, I think it will harness a more inspiring view by giving them the hope that they can still be who they want to become by striving not just harder, but hardest. In the end, it will always be about who can and who will.

There is More to Gain

After having such a slow day yesterday, I found this day to be unusual. I lost something because of my carelessness and stupidity. Yeah, sometimes we become stupid. Accept it, ’cause if not, it should have been scrapped off the dictionary in the first place. We people assign names on meanings which we think will be of use to us.

THE BIG THING. I spammed posts of my writing service in an online forum, which I recently joined last Saturday. I did not notice that I was doing such an intolerable breach until the admin sent a lot of infraction points in my e-mail. This brought me a shocking 6-months ban of the account.

Reminiscing a few days back, the moment I registered the forum, I joined a logo making contest (actually a lot). I entered at least 26 logos (see Logo-rhythmic Day) and found out that 2 of the clients really like my logo designs. I was going to win!

But, when this thought of being banned came in, I almost got down on my knees. What a loss! I was almost near to winning¬† it and claiming a lucky 125$ cash prize. ūüė¶ As the night walked in, I realized that it is time to move on and forget about it. In the first place, I did not intend to win. It was all for pure fun. I had to think on the bright side, or maybe not.

Even if I lost that certain chance to grab an incentive for producing a wonderful design, I know that there’s more to gain than lose. I know that I can make more good-looking logos and professional ones. More than this, I know that I’ve got greater edge over everyone else, discovering the fact that I have the passion to do things which I really love to do. I possess the patience and the eagerness to wait for feed backs for hours from the contest makers. Above all, I have the will to achieve things which would make me happy. I can make things possible as long as I believe in myself.

A chance really means a lot, but a lot would mean nothing if you don’t lose sometimes. Somehow, I recognized the importance of following rules. Rules set the standard. The standard will always be accepted by the majority, and you have no control of it.¬† Other than this, it’s more of being professional and accepting the pros and cons of every choice you make.

The Point of Voting

Just recently, the Interpol has been asked to help in finding Senator Panfilo Lacson, accused of masterminding the November 2000 massacre of Salvador Dacer, former president Ramos’ publicist, and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito. On January 5, Lacson left for Hongkong expecting an arrest ordered by a local court, although police officer Espinota said that they could not find him and would not exclude the possibility that he is still in the Philippines.

Copies of the arrest warrant have already been presented in Lacson’s ancestral and local residence. Moreover, copies were also passed on different regional offices of the investigation division. Three teams are now on the lookout for him across the metro.

The Philippine media believes that Dacer was killed because of what he knows regarding the alleged misgovernment during the Estrada administration.

Now that the truth is beginning to show up, how many more wrongdoings would the Filipinos know in 5-years time? 10 years-time? 20-years time? When will the country be confident of the leadership that’s being practiced at present? How many years will it take for us to realize these recurring incidents of bribery, corruption and human repression? When will we all be aware that their decisions are getting us nowhere with these kinds of leaders? When?

Express yourself. Make a change. It’s not the colonizers who suffered the greatest damage after winning back our freedom. It’s us who propel the sinking nation to a deeper, violent sea.

We are our country’s people.¬† It’s never too late, they say, but there is no right word to explain how late we are. There is no right superlative to express my deepest dismay. I am a student who thinks there’s more to give out than just being one reserved, dormant nation.

Be the difference. Vote in the upcoming elections. Don’t waste this chance and wait for the next generation to carry this stagnant legacy. We should not wait for others to do the move.

Let us not wait for nothing.

After all, we are susceptible to the shame that the country will get because of the leaders we trust (who become performers of an inconsistent, unreliable, popular band) or maybe because of the leaders who soon get their thrones after paying huge amounts of bribe for their votes, and take their oath in front of the Filipino people. After all, we hunger for prosperity, the thing which we will really deserve once we realize that we can do better than yesterday.

It’s not just about having high quality education. It’s not just about whoever is more popular or whoever is filthy rich. In the end, it’s about who will grant them the power to lead. It is about us (not just the elite nor the masses) – the people who crave for betterment in this society.

Logo-rhythmic Day

It’s funny how this day showed me the real length of time. The whole day long, I felt excited practicing my newly invested career – website logo making. Of course, I know how to use Photoshop CS4, but honestly I’m no good, self-reliant user. Somehow, I managed to create 26 newbie-yet-satisfying website logos (actually 23 were original, 3 were re-edited).

Yes, 26! Imagine how much patience I have inputted just to reach this personal milestone. The prizes controlled my hunger for winning. I want to get the prize that the company put at stake. I’ve never won any contest my whole crazy life.

I got stuck in time trying to break out from the hypnotizing rhythm of this want – to make one cool, competitive logo. It’s a reason I want to celebrate. These little things I soon discover as I age; they’re priceless. Experience is priceless.

It’s really amazing for the fact that some of the clients actually found my humble logos interesting! One wanted my design, and she told me I might just win. Still, I am not expecting to win it. It’s surprising how I begin to realize where my superb willingness leads me. It’s really taking me so far!

I admit sometimes I find myself penniless. And solving this financial crisis is a common problem for people of the less developed world.¬† In these competitions, my passion and spirit are still not enough to bring down the competitors. It’s not that easy, but practice will lessen the unease.

The hardest part to accept, however, is when you lost to someone you underestimated and forgot to do academically related stuffs. It’s a Saturday! Well, I’m trying to do both.

See you later!

Academic Sh*t: Consequences

Yesterday was a very tough day.

It was on that day when I realized I scrambled my priorities. I thought that I will be able to maintain my social interaction, but the traffic jam of academic papers and exams swayed me far from normal. I felt so ashamed of myself, contemplating on the unforeseen what-ifs.

What if I studied a week ago? What if I created this problem set last Friday? What if I saved money? What if I went to the trip I have already paid? What if I had discipline?

If only I did all these things, my student life won’t be a hodgepodge. I want to make things right. Life is a chance to grow a soul. It’s just a chance. Missing it would cause misery.

However, reviewing¬† the old self, it seemed that I’m not a weed anymore. I’m just submerged in a more challenging depth of life. I guess I have to swim all the way down to find that pearl of success. I now know. I need air to accomplish the task, to achieve the best of life even if it’s not the best life.

Self-realizations. Oh come on.

First Stop

It is my first time to use this writing platform. And I hope that everyone would excuse me from all the newbie performance I’d be doing here in a week or so. I wish that someone out there reading this would guide me in using these stuffs. I’m amazed. Being in a new environment, it feels like I’ve got a lot of things to learn swiftly. For now, I have to enjoy its complexity. I guess my first stop would be nonstop after all. Have a nice day!

Hello world!

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